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The xbow below is what I am working on building right now and is the frame-work you see in my beginning pictures above.

Below, not an XBow, but there are interesting hull shapes in the fine steel plating work on this ship.

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The superstructure I "mocked up" is not even close to an XBow design and most important, it is top heavy. Top heavy is the main killer for my tugboat designs. I have felt the pain of defeat when entering my model into the "test tank" and seeing it roll over. . .trust me, be religious about not making your model top-heavy.

I began by adding the bow line on my drawing #1 the keel. I took a picture of an xbow, blew it up, and traced it on to my Kathy Sue plans. I will email you a free PDF of the keel, above, just for the asking. For ideas, I use the picture below as a guide, plus many other pictures I can look over in my free copy of "".  My new superstructure will look like the "Blue Protector" below, matching my bent stick.

Next, I, I added to one of my frame patterns. The xbow front frames and the mostly similar - rest of the frames. You can do this yourself like I did below. I'm not going to offer xbow plans because for the work I would have to do to produce them; there just are not many of us xbow lovers. I love the xbow design for its rough water characteristics that I believe are needed on a model since even little pond waves are big to a small design. Just me. . .

The PVC pipe will become the stern railing and also hold air preasure for my XBow's air horn. A small 12 volt air compressor will supply the air. . .just me.

Below is the electric fishing reel I am using for working my fishing line. I am pretty excited about using my XBow for catching some of the super bottom fish around these parts. Because this XBow is designed from an anchor handler/oil rig supply vessel. . .it should be perfect for fishing. Again, just a tip, don't let your fish line slid over the side of your ship or you take the chance of your catch capsizing your XBow tug. To see an illustration of my warning, take a look here at the Bourbon Dolphin tragedy.

And below here, not an XBow but there are some ideas here for a person's XBow.

How to build your tugboat frame work, free pictures.

Feel free to write me anytime, Michael:  More to come. . .

Here is a URL to one of the most beautiful XBow models in action. About half way through the short video, you can watch it handling an anchor. Inspirational -   

Below, the PVC seams will be filled and smoothed. The center pipe will roll so as to let the line not chafe on the deck. The two stainless steel deck "Pop Up" cleats, "yacht deck ware" act as line guides so your line doesn't slide over the side which can capsize your tug in the right conditions. These features are just my own. You are free to make your stern any way you choose.

Belowis an XBow designed to be super environmental  by Norwegian Technical Advisors DNV GL to develop the Ecoship in time for its maiden voyage in 2020.

I used my "Kathy Sue" tugboat tracing drawings as plans for my X Bow. of which I am still working away on as I type. In the photo below you can see how I have progressed thus far. Note the bent stick on the bow. I was checking the lines of the bow in comparison to the superstructure mock up I made. Obviously my bow/superstructure relationship is quite flawed. . .I will have to do some bow work to get that XBow shape.

XBow skeleton design for scratch build tug.