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EMail Michael:           01/14/18

Below are some chain, anchor, and cleat ideas. For more detailed information "Click Here" to my anchor ideas page.

Above, are the sections for the top-side of my "Kathy Sue" design tugboat. I make my parts so they can be removed right up until the last gluing and screwing together. To go further though, I had dreams of having these parts be used as molds for creating "Styrofoam" top side components that were light weight and made it extremely easy to build your tugboat. It never came to be, so just use the photo for your own ideas to build your tugboat. Below is one of those pictures worth a thousand words. 

As you can see, I use my "Artist License" quite liberally. There is also our "Model Tugboat Building License" of which I also use to the max. My intent is to build a tugboat that is perhaps - close. . .to a real tugboat. Personally, I have no desire to recreate an exact tugboat design but I do have a burning desire to build a good looking and realistic tug that doesn't have hundreds of demands and takes me years to build. I made my "Tracing Drawings Plans" so that a basic, ice breaker bow, tugboat skeleton can be made in a matter of weeks or so. I use the same philosophy for the top side fittings.

Pictured above you can see that I "Butchered" the stack together. Oh the miracle of wood filler. . .The stainless steel "Hatch Hinges" have pull out pins. I use them to hinge my superstructure for access, and by removing the pins, completely remove the top side, and last. . .they are beautiful and I think add quite a bit to the stern deck work area. About $20.00 each at "". I drilled holes in "Closet Rod Holders" and ordered round amber mirrors from "EBay".

Below is pictured some of my work designing "air tank piping" for my tug. You can also do so but I have found that there are much easier ways to store air on your tug. Just a tip. . .