Below, enter my second test tank. I built it with plywood and 2X4s and lined it with a tarp. Worked great, the tank that is. . .

Pictured above, is my "bilge pump" powered fishing and crabbing invention pulling a "crab pot". It fishes even better. One of my floating inventions that worked even more perfectly than I had planned. I love the smell of success in my test tank.

Welcome Aboard‚Äč 

Below, is my first "test tank". Although it was free and worked well for the smaller parts of my tugboat's needs, my tug was too big to fit in a bathtub. What's a tugboat inventor to do. . .

I'll admit that I have at times gotten extremely stuck with my tugboat building but. . .I have never gotten as stuck as the big fellow in the picture above. Perhaps if he had emailed me and asked how to get off of a rock and a hard place, tugboat wise, he could have figured out a better way to get to the top and all. Questions are a tug builder's best friend.

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And below is my final test tank. Build with 4 X 4's and 2 X 6 tongue and groove lined with a tarp. Lots of room and a success. 

Michael: I update here often thanks to "Viral"                                                                  10/09/17