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Welcome Aboard 

To start with, I will gladly email PDF #1 of 7  (above) to you as a gift. Look it over, imagine placing it on the plywood, tracing paper under, and working your #2 pencil around the edges of the drawing. . .walla - one 65" "Ice Breaker" tugboat keel traced onto your ply. Pretty straight forward. . . simply click on "CONTACT" and there is a "Contact Button" at the Top/Right of every page. Fill in the freeNewsletter form by just putting in your first name, email address, and where you live on the planet. Your free Keel PDF, #1 of 7, will be on its way to you in minutes or hours; a pleasure to do so.

1) Free PDF of the Keel, #1 of 7: Just email me, Michael, or click Contact

2) $35.00 for an emailed set of 7 PDFs.  I will email the set of PDFs to you, usually within minutes or a few hours and you can email them to your Print Shop for printing.

​3) $37.50 plus postage for a CD of the 7 PDFs.  Click here on my "EBay Posting for CD"

​​4) $125.00 plus $12.oo  postage for the "Printed Set of 7 Sheets",  USPS to your front door. 

That's it. Once ordered you are a tugboat. . .ah, tugboat owner.

​Michael,  Email me: Anytime

Michael   06/22/18


Here is where the tugboat rubber meets the water for you. . .eventually. You consider if the price of a set of seven "Tracing Drawings" is in the "Ball Park" of your budget. Can you handle the tasks of building your tugboat? Or you might be looking for some interior decorations; would these big plans look good decorating the walls of your office. (Trust me, they would.)   Michael,  Anytime

Prices For Plans

As you're thinking about if you are up to the task and if your inspiration is hot enough. Here are some costs for

the materials to build this tug so as to help you put the complete project into view.  Be sure you check out these

pages first so that you can equate the prices with the part. How to Build and How to Plank.

Ok. . .I live near "Seattle, Washington" and so these prices are roughly what I pay for materials. Two sheets of

"good on both sides", exterior Plywood costs around $80.00 for the two. Galvanized deck screws are about

$10.00 a box and you will need four boxes of assorted sizes. A couple of jugs of "Elmer's" Exterior wood glue,

two gallons and three quarts of water base paint, five tubs of "Elmer's Exterior Wood Filler", and a few odds and

ends will cost around $200.00. So, to build the skeleton I"d say that you will spend a little under $300.00.

You will need a basic assortment of hand tools including an electric hand held jig saw.  If you go on the 

fiber glassing, there are lessons on the Internet and I'm going to guess that it will cost around $160.00 

for the glass and all. Plus, then we get into an electric sander and sanding supplies.

I spend about $300.00 on my superstructure materials. Most of the hardware I find on EBay and have done

well with them. Enter the motors and drive gear, for me, I like the "Harbor Models" 3 to 1 reduction 800 motor

drives and propellors, about $700.00.  About $!00.00 for LED lights off EBay and, come the RC equipment

and another $500.00 goes out. 

​These figures total out to around $1,500.00. The cool part. . .paying as you go is like making payments

on your tugboat investment: it doesn't get much better.And even more, you might just be clever and build yours

for almost nothing. . .