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2Tugboats Newsletter" #72  12/29/16
                                -Around the World- 
     543 Members are building 150  "Kathy Sue" style Tugboats
Hello Fellow Tugboat Builders,
I have spent many of my life's hours creating one thing or another. Welding, woodworking, fitting, pipes, as with all of you, the list goes on forever. From my first model of the Hispaniola, the sailing ship in the 1934 movie of Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel "Treasure Island", to the last sailing ship model I built in 1989, building ship models has demanded my attention. I built over 60 sailing ship models out of metal for mostly banks and offices, some 5 feet long.
And I never looked back - in fact, always excelled in my desire to create more ships. Alas though, even as I type, these last few years have turned my attentions to tugboats. They now demand my time and effort - cool.
Basically, my life is dedicated to there being a chicken in every pot and a tugboat in every garage. You might be thinking, what about Dinosaurs? Well, again, here is a picture of some dinosaurs that would not be fairing so well if it were not for a tugboat.

            "Two Tugboats Newsletter" #71   11/06/16
                                -Around the World- 
     536 Members are building 146  "Kathy Sue" style Tugboats
A Windy November Day Fellow Tugboat Members,

In honor of you there in Florida, there are about 12 of you, Kathy and I hope that you
don't suffer damage and all from the storms. We watched your wind and rain on TV.
Oddly enough, we were having our first wind storm move through. 50 miles per hour
sounds a bit wimpish next to your ordeal. We do have a lot of big trees though-

I probably sound like a teenager, but here is the tugboat of my life this week:

The above model is available at "All Wood Ships",PowhatanFleetOceanTug.htm

Years ago, I began eyeing my favorite, a classic "New York Harbor Tug" design. And so,
my tracing drawings will create one. Then I changed my affections to the classic
"Ocean Going Tug" which was the "Inspiration" design for my "Kathy Sue" tug. . .
which is cool but my first attempt doesn't look anything like an ocean going tugboat.
Then. . .the "XBow" design grabbed my attention. Now,the allure of the classic
"Navy Tugboat" has my attentions. What is a tugboat lover to do? My tugboat mind
is grinding away on that question as I type.
So, you can see one of the reasons I pursue the quality time of writing you all and
being able to bounce my tug build's thoughts off of you. I know you all understand
because you have all gotten into the "tugboat choice" dilemma " and so you have the
per-verbal "Which tug do I choose, T-Shirt".

And then I am constantly performing mental gymnastics with my drive-gear. . .I mean,
there are several options here on our Internet and yet, I suffer with my choices. I was
on a good lead but it dried up. Below, is a really tough drive-gear set up. . .makes
my concerns really quite minor and all.

You see what's herding the Dinos into port. . .a Tugboat.
And then there are my personal Dinosaurs. They love tugboats and I have to shoo them off the stern deck on one of my tugboats all the time.

This build would require me to create a new skeleton design. However, Mike's idea for mounting
the electric outboard motor's, motor in the engine room of the model and shaft out to the prop is
interesting. . .54 pounds of thrust. I'm thinking very much about this one. Well, the new year is here yet again for us old tugboat builders. Fortunately I am quite emotionally immature and so, no problem. I'm just a kid in an old man's suite. Only problem is that I hate knowing everything. 

I made a special "Anchors for Sale" website. Check out the anchors. . .I love anchors.

All is quiet here on the pond which is perfect for Kathy Sue and me. I'm cleaning up the shop and,hoping to take the plunge and start a new tugboat. 

See you all later my friends,
Michael Anytime

It is very good to write you. As per usual, I am off to hit the sack. Here are some links to  what I dream about. . .I love anchors. They may be heavy and sometimes drag, but they always go to the bottom. . .every time.

Take a look at my "Pairs" of anchors, with chain, available here:
Check out my Cleats and Bumper-Tires, also with chain, offered here:

See you later. . .my bunk is calling me-
Michael Anytime

Below, Patrick sent in this interesting find which looks like it will, using two drive gears and
four "800 Motors", put out the very rough equivalent of having one "3200 Motor".

It all boils down to the fantasy I have nursed along these years. I see my tug idling as it watches
the sailboat races behind the "break water" in the bay here for Anacortes Harbor. One of the fast
water skimmers suddenly goes dead in the water. My tug scoots to the rescue and brings the
injured sail speeder back to its owner. . .mission accomplished. It's that simple for me,
I don't ask for much.
Pictures like the one below are terrific to eye. I worked over hauling a winch setup just like this
one during the late 1970s. There is just something about chain and its capabilities. . .just me.

Amazing how just talking to you has given me a solution. I have decided to kill two tugboats with
one design. And, fortunately, I have an Xbow skeleton sitting in front of me that has been neglected
for a year now. Its stern is a perfect match for the Navy tug. This stern took me a lot of work to make.
I can re-do the Xbow and change it back into the ice breaker bow of the "Kathy Sue" design.
The superstructure is, as it is for all of us, up to me. Its size will determine the scale. I can see this
plan is doable for me. 
I love to post safety tips for us all to learn by. Below is a powerful picture illustrating my
suggestion to not take your tugboat to the "Arctic" for its trial running. Others have had
terribly serious consequences from sailing there. . .just a tip.

After college I wrote a novel that I was going to name, "My Granddaughter is a Dinosaur". Neighbors and friends encouraged me to not name my book, "My Granddaughter is a Dinosaur and so I named it, "No Smoking 101".  In the story, my granddaughter is a Dinosaur, on my ship, "The Pamalotta". Yes - a sea story. If any of your children or grandchildren ever think about smoking, this "at sea" venture is written so that "teens" will enjoy its hundreds of reasons
to not smoke.

Next time, I'll give illustrations about live steam model locomotives. . .you know, trains and tugboats. And you won't want to miss my "Tugboats and Fireworks" Newsletter later on in the new 2017 year. 

Ok. . .on to tugboat building information. 
Mike F wrote and asked this question:
Morning Michael
I'm working on the top most structure above the windows. I'm totally lost.
I can't figure out how you constructed the round angular deck for the spot lights.
Can you give me some guidance? 

He also sent these photos of his tugboat build thus far. Nice work Mike:

This "Bixpy" above looks to be pretty spendy but a very interesting design with possibilities for a tugboat builder.
Mike wrote in with a few questions about making his stern deck hatch cover for his tug.
Hi Michael
I have a few more questions about the hatch cover. 
1. On the plans you say to use 3/4 x 3/4 in stringers but in the cross section view it appears
they are 1/2 in thick with 1/4 in planks on top. Is this right?
2. Are the planks glued together or is there a space in between each plank?  If there's a space
won't the water get into the compartment below?
3. If the hatch cover sits on top of the molding what keeps it from sliding  around?
4. I try to get information from the website but keep getting confused between the pictures of
the "Kathy Sue" & "Mr. Tweety". They each seem to have a different shaped hatch cover. 
I hope you can help me out.

I made three pictures for him of my stern deck hatch cover. You can see that I keep it simple and
that I just went and had fun creating it. You of course can build yours to any way you enjoy.

For those of you who enjoy watching the evolution of the XBow design, below are two beauties
from "Ulstein".

I realized that a couple of photos of the tops of the Kathy Sue's and Mr Tweety's pilot house might help Mike out and other builders also. So, I sent him these pictures for ideas. 

I am still trying to track down a way to see one for sale. Go to "Anthem Metal"
and if you find the URL with information about this gear set up. . .I would be very interested.
Here is a link from Patrick that will help you start:
Thank you Patrick for the heads-up.
Below, is one that I found here:

I know, many of you are astounded. I can hear the muffled question, ". . .are those door stops?" Yes, they are indeed door stops. As I told Mike, ". . .don't try this at home. You will be the laughing stock of the trade show. . . 
I am talking to Michael B about his build of a 1940s Navy Tugboat, the USS Nokomis. I am quite inspired with the picture of it and am thinking quite serious about also building the same.