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The picture above is of one of the best scale model ships in the world. Truly, I find it difficult that they went to every detail. . .the extra mile. . .complete success and yet - they didn't put the "eye brows" on this magnificent model. I am sure you can see that had they not skimped over the anchor and used a fine set of anchors like I offer, this ship would be even more impressive.

Anchors are one of those curiously impressive items in life that manage to stay out of sight to the unconcerned and stick out like a beacon to those of us who are indeed concerned with their power, strength, and magnitic pull to our tugboat minds, no pun intended. And yet, again, to the unconcerned, a tugboat without anchors is like a picture of Mona Lisa without eyebrows.

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Above is a portion of my anchor and chain collection. Most anchors offered on the Internet have a size of 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches shank length. The anchor's shackle should not be a part of the measurement. Most are of brass with some bronze reproductions. A few are of aluminum and rarely steel anchors will present their fine and handsome selves. Costs range from 15 dollars to over 500 dollars, average is around 75 dollars.  Good reproductions of anchors are not rare. . .but just try to find a pair for your tugboat in less than a couple of years-

Below is my most favorite anchor, a "Byers" design. I am not privileged to own one and having watched for one to appear for over 6 years, I will keep up the vigilance. I would imagine it will be one of, and of course not a pair of, the more expensive. Then. . .wait another half dozen years for it's brother to drage into my view.

        Again, below are the two kinds of chains I most often use. Machine and 5/64" "Long Link" design. 

Above, if you own a real ship and you are going to use a pickup truck as an anchor, it will hold better if you remove the wheels. . .just a tip-

Below, is a picture of two of the three chains I offer for large scale tugboats and ships. I paint my chain black and it looks great. If you ever find "Studded Anchor Chain" that is two links to the inch. . .I will reward you. . .Michael . . . 2tugboats@gmail.com Anytime

I didn't "PhotoShop" Mr Tweety's "Stockless" anchor into the picture below. The light hit it's finely polished surface that I give many of my anchors. Sort of makes my point about a tugboat not having any eyebrows. . .and if you don't want it bright, they make black - "spray paint". 

Click on the picture above to go to the excellent history of this anchor and many other anchor reproductions.

Then you must have chain for your anchor. . .and then shackles. Size and design rear their questioning heads. Size of course depends on your scale size, if that is of importance to your tugboat build. I live in a simple tugboat building world. I just, if you haven't noticed, find a size that I feel is alright for my large scale tugboat. So, the sizes I show here are in the realm of 1/12th scale to 1/24th scale. Email me, Michael, anytime for questions or ideas or if you have a tip for me:        2tugboats@gmail.com

Pictured above is the best, after years of searching, that I have found for anchor chains. 

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