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Ebay is not free but the searching, comparing, and finding the very best for your tugboat is free. Like below, this site is free and has building idea pictures for this RC Model Tugboat.

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"Maritime Monday", above, always has excellent pictures to do with tugboats. Free,

Below are pictured just two examples of over a year's efforts to "service" my small tugboat operation. Note that I built the floor of my van so that it slides out and can become a ramp or a tugboat work/display table. I rebuilt the "wagon cart" to accommodate the "Kathy Sue". A free look for you to see how far a tugboat builder will go. . .

Free Tugboat Building Information and Photos

"Maritime Reporter and Engineering News" has the best quality tugboat pictures in their bi-weekly free magazines. Just fill out the form. I answered that my company is twotugboats, my work is building tugboat parts, and I am the "Owner" of my company. 

Of course, the Internet is your main source of free tugboat buildingplans and information. For example, let's say you wanted to know what is under the waterline of your tug as it cruises the pond. Well, above is a superior picture of what your thrusters, propellers, and rudders have to deal with if you get into the "Lilly Pad" part of your water way.  Just a tip, six "Polly Wogs" or "Tad Poles" will clog a thruster. 

The "Model Tug Forum" is a free Forum devoted entirely to building model tugboats. It has been around for years and has thousands of members. I ask questions there and usually receive many answers to my search. The  free TugForum is THE place for the very best ideas and "how to" tugboat creating information. Several of the members make "Museum Quality" tugboat models. However, their helpful input for you will work just fine on large scale.

The "kid's wagon" works perfectly for hauling around the ballast lead and batteries and all. I found this one for five dollars at a garage sale. . .almost free.

All of my tugboat building pictures have come from their fine quality magazines over the years. Above is a picture I choose as my next tugboat model to build from my tracing drawings. And, their articles are terrific reading.