Welcome Aboard‚Äč 

Click the above photo for Anchors and the below photo for Tire Bumpers and Cleats. 

This tugboat has an "Ice Breaker" bow which lends to it being very sensitive to being "Top Heavy". In my zest to make my superstructures stronger, I made them too heavy. In fact, the "Kathy Sue" will never sail because of too heavy of a superstructure. Watch the weight of everything above the water line. . .everything.  10/09/17 and still build this page. . .

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Pictured above is a pretty good look at the bow plates and stern plates installed. The access cowling is in place which keeps the water out once the superstructure is fitted in place. . .fitting will around the cowling. Below is the stern deck's progress after about a month of effort, in my spare time. . .

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