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Thank you for contacting me, Michael. In the form above, you can just type in your first name. This is a secure form and I guard my contact names. I will email you a free PDF, #1 of 7 the Keel, so that you can look over one of my "Tracing Drawings". With a #2 pencil, just trace with carbon paper on to the plywood. . .walla - one big tugboat skeleton.

From all over the World, the 2Tugboats Newsletter mail list has 551 members and 156 of them are building this tugboat as of 03/25/18. You will never receive a letter from me selling something and there are no selling ads on this site other than my tugboat drawing plans and large scale tugboat deck hardware. . .you know, lets just focus on building our large scale tugboats.

Be sure your email address is correct. Every now and then a contact comes to me with the wrong email address and I have no way of contacting you to tell you that I couldn't send you your free PDF, #1 of 7 the keel, and Newsletters. And then, you will think I'm not keeping my word. . .

In the "Subject" box, type in what ever you like, even just a "Hello Michael". In the "Message" box, a question is great or just write your City and Country so I can look for your town on "Google Earth" and see what your "pond" looks like.

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