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Tractor tires are bigger, that is , thicker and offer the best actual "bumper" work to protect your tug. There is not much difference between a truck tire and car tire with regards to size. . .diameters are the same for all. For the the very discerning, there is a slight difference in the "looks" of a car tire and truck tire. Again, only for a real "realism" intense builder would the car/truck tire marriage concern be noticed. Certainly a designer has bigger fish to fry. A mix of tires is the most ecnomical and makes for a ". . .let's get this show on the road".

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Below are three photos of a set of six tires, three for the Port and three for the Starboard of your tug.  This set of six tugboat "Bumper" tires are available for $110.00, free postage in the US. 

04/14/18: In the picture below are the cleats I have used in all my designs over the years. They are the best "real" looking cleats for my tugboat model design, mainly because they are real cleats. .  .and they work perfectly.  Note that I couldn't resist showing my "Spek" anchor. it's just the right size for my model and so I couldn't resist it when I saw it for sale. I colored and polished it for contrast. My two years of polishing work in the chrome plating salt mines is finally paying off for adding sparkle to my tugboat's deck work. I am happy to share my work with you here.

OK. . .lets talk tire bumpers for our tugs. I really like old tires on my tugs and over the years I have learned a few tire buying do's and don'ts. I have tried here to give you lots of bumper ideas. I find my tires on EBay. There are several "Pit Falls" that you should be aware of if you decide to find your own there and not take advantage of my tire offers. I hope the very best for your efforts and time. Check out the photos below. (I am still building this page)

I was a welder for several decades in the shipyards and private dock side welding services. When welding a cleat to the deck, a "doubler" is used to spread the stresses placed on the cleat out and into the frames. So, when you mount your cleats, be sure to use a doubler. No "square corners" - round/radius their corners.

OK, here are my cleat "packages" that I recommend. I have tried to make them as clean and sharp looking as possible and at a price that lets you have them at your front door. . .sooner than later. A pleasure-

There are, as I type, over 763 "tire ashtrays" available on EBay. Average price range is 18 to 40 dollars, plus, an average of 10 dollars postage each, which makes for a neighborhood price of 30 dollars a tire. If you wait and watch closely, you can do better. The time required to find a "buy" on a tire is a factor. If you want six tires for your tug, plan on paying 60 dollars for postage. And last, is it a tire - a healthy tire. Two of the tires below are so old that they are brittle. That means that of the 19 tires I bought over a two month period, I was not careful to write the seller and ask if they were still soft rubber and what size are they. It would seem that with buying tires for your car or your tugboat, there are questions. 

The galvanized 3 1/2 inch cleats above are offered as a set of six for $49.00 which includes postage in the US. The cleats have been drilled out to use 1/4 inch carriage bolts. Give them a light sanding, bolt heads also, and paint to suit. I paint the bolt heads a different or accent color - gives them a bit more class. . .

The picture above has each cleat's properties identified with A, B, C, and D. Use this picture for ideas for what you want for your tugboat plans. The galvanized 3 1/2 inchers are the best size and look for the price. The 3 inch polished brass also are perfect and for sure give that extra nice look. A bit spendy but oh so priceless for "Show and Tell". 

The polished brass cleats above, with fitted mounting screws, are offered as a set for $85.50, postage free in the US. Also, the cleat mounting holes have been drilled out to use the larger #10 wood screws. I will personally see to it that they are delivered to your front door as quickly as possible. 

Below, are the three kinds of chain I use for this model. Chain is a dollar a foot; email me for prices if you are interested,