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Below are a pair of extra nice "Hall" anchors. Smaller then the anchors above, but big enough for my tugboat design here.

This fine and handsome pair of stockless anchors above, with chains and shackles, is available for $195.00, free postage in the USA. Seems like a high price but trust me, I have more than the selling price invested in them money and time wise. I will weep as they are packed and head out for their new tugboat assignment.   

Above are the smallest anchors in my collection. Small Stockless" anchors that are 2 1/8 inches long, 45 grams, true studded chain, and solid brass. $40.00, postage free in the US.

The camera distortion makes them look like different sizes. . .they are the same size. 

These bright and strong looking Hall types are for sale for $165.00.  Freepostage in the USA. A finely polished pair of beautiful anchors indeed.

​           <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<(+++Below, Pair #1+++)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 ​​<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<(+++Below, pair #2+++)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<(+++Below, Pair #4+++)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Above, this old tugboat is through. . .but its "Stockless Anchor" is still young-

​            A fine original of this photo is available at:

This pair of small Hall anchors above can grace your tugboat for a price of $75.00, postage free in the US

I would guess that this is a pair of "Hall Style" anchors. They have a simple yet good looking design. A bit weak in the "Knuckle", but a perfect pair. 

 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<(+++Below, Pair #5+++)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The next three pictures are of one of my pairs of "Stockless" anchors. To the unconcerned these anchors look like "Navy" anchors, they are not. Next to a "Spek" anchor, these are my favorite. This matched pair is not just any set of "Stockless" anchors, they are a pair of heavier than most reproductions in this size group. The anchor on the left is bronze and the one on the right is brass.   Amazing is that I found them after only two years of searching. Really, try to find a pair of these heavier models. The bronze one weighs 12.9 ounces and the brass one weighs 12.2 ounces.  The plastic rule is 6 inches wide.

   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<(+++Below, Pair #3+++)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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03/24/17: I have a large, "large scale" tugboat and ship anchor collection and I  create "paired" anchors available for sale. Yes, the anchors on this page are FOR SALE. I love my anchors but it's time to let them go. Matched pairs are rare. . .it has taken me years to find them. I have made pictures to show size to scale for your information. I have a page that is just for anchor and chain information:  "2TugBoats Anchors

The anchors below have their measurements. Five inches seems to be about the right size for my tugboat design here. If you were to make a superstructure that changes, roughly, the scale to a smaller one, these anchors might be a bit large. . .personally I love a larger anchor.

OK. . .the next three anchor photos are of my "Hall" design type. Again, the camera distortion makes them look to be of different sizes, they are the same; a well matched pair. You could say they are twin brothers; very impressive-

This classy pair of anchors above can perfectly grace your tugboat for $65.00. Highly polished, sized just right, chains and shackles, and postage free in the US.