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Old tugboats don't die. . .they're just let out to pasture. . .

 I add a new link each month to post my newest Free Newsletter. with lots of free tugboat ideas, "how to" pictures, and text. Plus, interesting tugboat topics in detail. Chains, anchors, lights, motors, showing your tug, prices of parts, and a boat load of inspiration. . .all free. Email me, Michael, anytime and I will add you to my Newsletter mail list.  Just ask, and I will send you a free PDF, #1 of 7 the keel, for you you take a look at.

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Click on the two "Anchors" below and look over my very nice collections of large scale Tugboat Anchor pairs - yes, and some are twins.        - the "Eyebrows" of your tugboat. . . 

And of course. . .you will need some chain and "Tire Bumpers"-Fortunately. . .I have them available for you. (Tire Bumpers

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This "Sovereign of the Seas" is over 40 inches long, exquisite detail, and comes with a magazine subscription no less to assist you in its building. Keel, frames, and decks. . .not a plastic hull. You actually build this vessel. This model is the one I would build of the many offered on the Internet and I have checked them all. I love going down to the sea in my imagination. Click on this link and just enjoy their site's pictures and the most beautiful ship of it's time and still in our time:

I offer the "skeleton" building plans  and lots of ideas for the superstructure. As a plus, I show a builder, right here on this site, how I and others have built their tugboats. "Click Here" for PDFs or "Full set of 7 sheets ", prices. They even look great on the office wall or tacked to your shop's blank spots-

Did I say "Free". . . 

Below shows the tools I used to build my skeleton. I built my first tug on my wife's coffee table in the front room. . .thus, the name of my first tug - "Kathy Sue"

Click the link here and watch this tugboat design built by Newsletter member, Dale J. Anderson, being launched and sailing:  Or. . . let's say you would like to build an "XBow". . .again, just change the bow and walla - you have an XBow.

One last note for those who want to build a more conventional tugboat, here is a suggestion  


"Page Links" are on the left and top of each page. On this page, you can click on any one of the "Topic Pictures" below and check out the basics of building this skeleton and its planking. My "Tracing Drawings" have been designed so that a builder can make their own changes for creating their preferred tugboat design. I have made these drawings to be fairly simple to follow. However, you are still building your tugboat from the keel up. Sort of opening your own ship yard and building your first tug.      

The superstructure you choose will determine the "Scale" you want. I have designed this tug to be way overkill, strength wise, for a model. Having watched models crumble easily. . .this 65 inch tug boat will withstand actual tugboat tasks and their regularly associated bumps and bangs. Take a look over lots of free pictures here and if you would like to see this big tugboat on your pond, here is "Doc's" "Mary Ann" sailing: Note: The camera has distorted his "Mary Ann" and made her look shorter than she is.  Add about 7 inches in your mind's eye and you will be closer her true visual length.

And, if you would like a free "Tracing Drawing" of the keel, PDF #1 of 7, just email me - Michael: and I will make it so for you.

I designed this tugboat hull to be suitable for most tug designs from the 20s to the present day. I have an ice breaker bow because the ponds skin over in the Winters here. You can make yours have any bow shape you prefer. Also, I haven't tried to make a model of an existing tugboat. This is my design and so I am free to make it look anyway I choose. . .you may do the same or if you want a specific tugboat recreation, you can carry that out no problem. 

At my age 12, my large model sailing ship building experience taught me most of the skills to create my tugboat design. In my mind, the two go together in forming the basics of model creating. Thus, for those who would like to build a 17th century sailing ship instead of a tugboat. Here is the best model sailing ship the world has to offer.

The pictures on the site here are from my free 2Tugboats Newsletter Members sharing their work with the other members. Look closely at their workmanship and you will be inspired to start building your tugboat in your mind's eye. When you plan to get serious, you will already have a rough construction plan in mind for creating this fine tugboat model.   Thank you for visiting and looking around Michael-

Below; it is so comforting to know that when Tugboats get old, they are turned out to pasture. . .